A Life After Recovery


Individual Sessions

Mobile and flexible

Tailored to individual needs

Outside of a 4-wall setting

Ensuring positive change

Family Sessions

We work with families in person or over the phone

Working on changing the family dynamic, from the inside out

Community Groups

All the clients’ friends and family are welcome to attend sessions at no extra charge

Speaking engagements for schools, higher education institutes, hospitals, etc.


CONSULTANT TO FACILITIES Specializing in Substance Abuse & Mental Health

FACILITATION OF GROUPS - Our licensing through CCAPP & IC&RC allows us to run groups and complete documentation at different facilities. We run a variety of groups including Psychoeducation, CBT, Process, 12 Step (AA & NA), Life Skills, Resume Building,  Coping Skills and Relapse Prevention.

AFTERCARE & ALUMNI PROGRAMMINGThrough the services provided at A Life After Recovery we are able to provide short term and long term aftercare to all clients in the facility. Our aftercare services enable us to provide documented data to create and sustain an ALUMNI Program.

ASSISTANCE WITH DISCHARGE/PLACEMENT - Our large network of industry connections with facilities treating Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis or Mental Health gives us the uique ability to assist in proper client placement.

Reclaim Your Life Today

No matter what phase in the recovery process you are in, we can help you reintegrate into society. All you have to do is reach out. Stay sober and live your life anew by contacting us today.