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About Us

about us

Supporting Individuals Recovering From Substance Abuse

Zach Dorfman is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor who works with people suffering from alcoholism and addiction. He has his own personal bouts with addiction and mental health. Zach got sober in June 2011. 3 and ½ years into sobriety he had a bout with mental health and found out he has Bi-Polar Disorder 1. After receiving proper care Zach moved to Jerusalem where he received his International License as a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. After 2 years of being and working abroad he moved back to America in pursuit of being able to help on a larger scale. While back in America Zach worked for five different facilities before going on his own and starting A Life After Recovery.

Zach helps people suffering from both substance abuse and mental health issues integrate back into mainstream society. Not only does he work with the individuals, but with their families as well in order to help change the family dynamic. Zach also wanted to work with communities and their institutions. He works with High Schools, Colleges & Universities, and Hospitals to help educate the communities in order to make the integration more seamless for the individuals with whom he works.

Zach holds a CADC-II and ICADC through CCAPP and IC&RC

What Sets Us Apart

To help people stay sober post-treatment, we use an unconventional yet holistic approach. Not only we do we work with the individual—we also work with their loved ones to help change their family dynamic.

We create a strong support system around the individual. This group is composed of people who have our client’s best interests at heart. By involving the individual’s loved ones, we help minimize the chances of a relapse while providing our client with a sense of belonging.

Types of Sessions Offered


Individual sessions are mobile, flexible, and tailored to the individual’s needs. These sessions can be held outside of a 4-wall setting. The goal is to ensure positive change.


Clients’ family relationships are important factors in successful substance abuse recovery. Through sessions, we help our clients change their family dynamic for the better, from the inside out. We work with families over the phone or in person.


Friends and family members of our clients are welcome to attend sessions at no extra charge. By having a supportive community, we believe that it will make recovery a little less daunting for the client.

Our services are available for large groups as well. We accept speaking engagements in settings such as educational institutions and hospitals.


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The road to recovery doesn’t have to be lonely. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about what we offer.