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A life after Recovery

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A Life After Recovery (ALAR) provides individuals with peer recovery coaches that focus on helping them overcome their mental health issues and addictions. We here at ALAR do this by providing personalized mental health and addiction recovery support. This support comes in the form of recovery coaching services, life coaching for mental health recovery, and recovery planning. Here at ALAR, we also offer trauma recovery coaching.

If you need assistance recovery planning or just need a mental health or sober companion, we got you covered as well. Through our mental health coaching and addiction recovery and companion services, we can help you effectively integrate back into mainstream society after attending rehab.

Our mental health and addiction treatment center is located in Southern California. At our California treatment center, we guide patients through the 12 steps and non 12 steps of AA and NA and assist them in developing a foundation for independent problem-solving. Here at A Life After Recovery, we also make sure to take advantage of any recovery coaching certification. This is because it is through a recovery coaching certification that we offer LA recovery coaching services and life coaching for mental health recovery.

Clients and Services

Here at A Life After Recovery, we serve both male and female clients. We also serve clients of nearly every age group. This includes adolescents/teens and adults.

Through our California recovery coaching services, we ensure that all of our individual clients get appropriate treatment for their addictions and mental health issues. We also ensure that each of our clients is able to integrate back into their lives.

Other services that we offer include:

  • Consulting services to facilities such as facilitating groups, documentation on the groups, and assistance with proper discharge placement
  • Life coaching for mental health recovery
  • Aftercare
  • Alumni programming
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Making a Difference In the Community As a Peer Recovery Coach And Mental Health Companion

We here at ALAR take our passions for mental health and addiction recovery, as well as our experience as Los Angeles, certified professional recovery coaches, and place them into the community. By doing this, we hope to help our patients more easily integrate back into their normal lives after recovery.

Ending the hate, anger, and stigma that surrounds mental health issues and addictions is a personal goal of ours here at A Life After Recovery. That’s why we speak to community and religious leaders about addiction and mental health. Universities, colleges, and hospitals benefit from our professional expertise in recovery coaching services.

Reach Out to Us

We are based in the state of California, but we serve clients domestically and internationally. If you need help staying sober after recovery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

Call Us at (310) 890-3480

Education and Certifications

Call Us at (310) 890-3480

Addiction can be a painful combination of illness, disease, and trauma. As peer recovery coaches and mental health companions, we know that most people that experience mental health or addiction issues didn’t choose how their childhoods unfolded nor did they choose how traumatic events in their lives unfolded. These factors are all difficult to process and overcome.

However, those with addiction disorders make a conscious decision to use substances, whether it be alcohol or drugs, to help them cope and avoid painful feelings. As sober coaches working in Southern California recovery, we believe that success is measured by an individual’s efforts and actions, as it’s these efforts and actions that lead to a person having accomplishments. Success is not just being handed everything.

Are You Looking for the Best Life Coach and Mental Health Companion?

Whether you’re looking for a certified professional recovery coach, mental health companion, certified trauma recovery coach, professional with a recovery coaching certification, or life coaching for mental health recovery, we’re honored to help you.

If you’re looking for the best life coach, look no further. We help people that are suffering from both substance abuse and mental health issues integrate back into mainstream society. Not only do we here at A Life After Recovery work with individuals that suffer from substance abuse and mental health issues, but we also work with their families to help change the family dynamic.

If you have questions about recovery coaching, mental health companions, or life coaching services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

What Sets Us Apart

To help people stay sober post-treatment, we use an unconventional, yet holistic approach. Not only do we work with the individual patient, but we also work with the loved ones of our patients. That way together, the A Life After Recovery staff and the patients’ loved ones can create a support system that is based on the patients’ needs. By involving the loved ones of patients, we help minimize the chance of relapse while providing our patients with a sense of belonging.

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Types of sessions offered

Call Us at (310) 890-3480


Individual sessions are mobile, flexible, and tailored to the individual’s needs. These sessions can be held outside of a 4-wall setting. The goal is to ensure positive change.


Clients’ family relationships are important factors in successful substance abuse recovery. Through sessions, we help our clients change their family dynamic for the better, from the inside out. We work with families over the phone or in person.


Friends and family members of our clients are welcome to attend sessions at no extra charge. By having a supportive community, we believe that it will make recovery a little less daunting for the client.

Our services are available for large groups as well. We accept speaking engagements in settings such as educational institutions and hospitals.

Reach Out to the People Behind A Life After Recovery

The road to recovery doesn’t have to be lonely. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about what we offer.