A Life After Recovery

Helping People Integrate Back Into Society

At A Life After Recovery, we help people stay sober after undergoing treatment for substance abuse and or mental health... OUR Approach is unconventional yet holistic.  We work with the families, the institutions and the communities to make the integration seamless.


Our Mission

We aim to help people integrate back into society regardless of their current stage of recovery.

What We Do

For many people dealing with substance abuse and or mental health issues, there is a strong desire to become a working member of society after undergoing treatment. We understand this need to belong and be functional. That is why we help people rebuild their lives. To do so, we assist you in building a mind-set that can serve as a guide to life after treatment.

We work with adolescents, teens, adults, males and females.  Not only do we work with individuals, but we work with their families as well to help change the family dynamic.  We also work with high schools, universities and hospitals.


Reach Out to Us

We are based in the state of California, but we serve clients domestically and internationally. If you need help staying sober after recovery, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.