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Zach Dorfman is a best in class recovery coach and mental health companion located in Los Angeles, California specializing in individual and family recovery support. He made it his life mission to help addicts and their loved ones overcome addiction and mental health issues. 

Zach is a Certified Drug Alcohol Counselor (CDAC-II) with 9 years sober making him a particularly sought after life coach because of his personal experience with addiction and mental health. Zach has worked with hundreds of clients and families providing addiction education and recovery planning.

Zach specializes in mental health treatment, substance abuse recovery, and dual diagnosis.

Individual sessions

As a recovery coach or a sober companion, Zach Dorfman is someone you can rely on 24/7 to walk you through your cravings or help you through a panic attack. He specializes in substance abuse and mental health life coaching. 

Zach has an individualized approach to every client. He understands that no two addicts are the same and focuses on specific personal traumas. He says, although we are all different individuals, no one is immune to problems. Regardless of your individual problem, an expert sober companion’s goal is to help you abstain from drugs, alcohol, self-harm, or any other addicting behavior. 

Thousands of addicts seek treatment every year. However, the true test of recovery starts after treatment has ended and the integration into sober life has begun. A treatment center is a very controlled environment with a strict schedule, no access to drugs or alcohol, and a therapist by your side whenever you feel triggered. 

Once the reintegration into the “real world” begins, triggers appear everywhere- in the form of family members, a job, or even a restaurant where others may be drinking. 

An experienced life coach in LA can help you learn how to live life sober and what to do after recovery. Contact a certified professional recovery coach today.

What is a Sober Coach/Sober Companion and Mental Health Companion?

A sober companion helps an addict transition to a clean life. A sober coach and mental health companion helps you unlearn destructive behaviors and learn new healthy ways of living. He walks you through every step of the way. Whenever you have a craving you can call your sober coach to walk you through it. A good sober coach will be your bridge back to safety. Zach Dorfman is the best life coach in LA because he uses a person-centered, strength-based approach. This means an individualized approach to each client whether you are dealing with substance abuse, mental health, or dual diagnosis. 

He works closely with the individual, family, and psychologist or psychiatrist.

A trusted sober companion, also known as a sober escort, can accompany you to high risk triggering situations. Whether you have court, probation, or just free time a sober companion will accompany you during your most vulnerable times. 

Utilizing a recovery coach reduces substance use and relapse rates, improves relationships with treatment providers and social supports, increases treatment retention, and treatment satisfaction.

Comprehensive continued care is the key to long term recovery. With a professional peer recovery coach/mental health coach, you have access to continued care around the clock.

How Does a Certified Professional Recovery Coach Help?

A good peer recovery coach, like Zach Dorfman, teaches recovering addicts healthy sober habits. A professional recovery coach also helps connect you with recovery resources and support such as:

  • 12- Step NA and AA meetings
  • SMART recovery
  • A sponsor to take you through the steps
  • A qualified therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist or other medical professionals for your specific needs
  • Self-help mental health recovery groups
  • Extracurricular activities

Zach Dorfman is particularly prominent in Southern California recovery because he works closely with clinicians to help them better understand what is going on with the client. Sometimes relying on self-reporting does not provide enough insight into the struggles and difficulties the client is going through. Together, the clinician along with the peer recovery coach can better help the client achieve their goals. 

A peer recovery coach comes up with an individualized plan for your recovery and helps you stay accountable. A good peer recovery coach also understands that modifications to this plan may need to be made as you progress forward. He is a professional life coach who is on call 24/7 to help you whenever you need it.

A good sober living coach also helps you find new ways to enjoy your life without drugs and alcohol. While in active addiction you usually don’t know how to live or enjoy your life without drugs or alcohol. Once the drugs and alcohol are gone, we need to find new ways to explore life and enjoy every moment. This makes our sobriety worthwhile. 

A peer recovery coach and mental health coach is there to help you with every area of your life. They can teach you to create healthy boundaries, which do not exist in active addiction. They can teach you to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers, which we used to manipulate in addiction. 

A life coach will give you the motivation and confidence you need to maintain your sobriety.

The main job of a recovery life coach is to facilitate treatment engagement to support long-term recovery and help you see the beauty in life without drugs or alcohol. Zack Dorfman is a professional peer recovery coach working in the Los Angeles area in California.

Crisis intervention

Zach Dorfman also provides professional interventions in Los Angeles, California for drug addiction and mental health. Crisis in a delicate process so you want someone who has experienced first hand the damage addiction and mental illness can have on the individual and the family as a whole. 

The aim of the intervention is to help the addict understand that their substance use is putting their life, health, and relationships at risk and to encourage them to reduce or give up their substance use. The addict is then given options for help.

If the client is suffering from mental health issues, Zach helps them understand that mental health recovery is possible.

Recent research shows that psychosocial interventions for drug or alcohol abuse can promote behavior change. The longer an addict is engaged in treatment, the more successful they will be in long-term recovery. 

Family Sessions

Zach understands that addiction and mental illness are family diseases. While everyone places their attention on getting the addict, or sick person, to stop using drugs and alcohol, Zach also focuses on the effects of these diseases on the individual's loved ones. The family needs recovery as well.

The family is the key to helping an addict stay clean and sober. A professional peer recovery coach like Zach educates the family on how to support and not enable the addict throughout their recovery. A professional recovery life coach provides recovery planning for the family as a whole.

In addition, living with a person who has a mental illness can be challenging. Zach works with the whole family to provide strength-based solutions to help deal with the feelings that come up in everyday life.

Just as a peer recovery coach provides support and resources for the addict, he does the same for the family. Zach educates families on codependency and helps them stop the cycle that almost always ends up in relapse. He helps the family come up with a recovery plan to stop enabling, codependency, triggers, and set healthy boundaries.

With professional recovery coach family sessions, you can help your addict son, daughter, or loved one attain lifelong sobriety. With a life coach, you can also take care of yourself and gain peace of mind in knowing the right way to deal with the situation.

Why Choose Zach Dorfman As Your Sober Coach?

Zach Dorfman is CADC-II certified and uses evidence-based practices to help addicts and their families. He utilizes many different approaches depending on the clients’ personal needs. 

He understands addiction from personal experience. He has overcome his own addiction and now helps others do the same. He believes that helping others get sober, keeps him sober. 

Zach got sober after a failed suicide attempt. When he woke up, he realized there has to be more to life. He immediately called his friends who got him help.

Zach also has personal experience with mental health. When he was receiving treatment for Bipolar II when he realized he wanted to become a peer recovery coach.

Zach Dorfman is truly passionate about helping other addicts achieve the sobriety that he has through years of hard work on himself. 

Throughout the years, he has worked with teens, adults, families, and communities to help addicts achieve long term sobriety. 

Peer recovery coach and mental health companion Zach Dorfman will motivate you, offer emotional support, and give you the confidence you need to stay sober and healthy. Together with Zach you will find resolutions to past problems and learn to feel grateful for your new clean life. Together you will move forward! Take control of your life and call Zach Dorfman, your life coach today.

If you have any questions or would like to hire Zach Dorfman as a peer recovery coach or mental health companion in Los Angeles, California, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


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